07 Jul

Concrete Pumping Service Hemel Hempstead

Concrete is a product that is used for a selection of building projects, it is ideal for the construction of driveways and floors due to its durable properties. Usually ready-mix concrete is transported from the delivery truck to the area that it is to be used, using wheelbarrows. This can be a back-breaking and often time consuming task, due to the remote location of many building sites. Fortunately, we at Base Concrete offer a real solution for this problem with our concrete pumping Hemel Hempstead service.

As manually transporting ready-mix concrete can be a lengthy task and one that could potentially cause injuries, it could cost businesses significant quantities of money. Using one of our concrete pumps, it can instead be transported to the site quickly, efficiently and in a clean manner.

In addition to supplying ready-mix concrete, we have a 70m static line pump that can be used to deliver the building product to areas that are difficult to reach. This line can be fed through houses, along alleyways or across land that one of our trucks simply cannot travel.

We can supply concrete pumps and trucks that are suitable for a variety of requirements and budgets, our pumps are available in 16m, 24m and 34m lengths. This means that our service is perfect for both commercial and domestic clients that are carrying out almost any construction project.

For those that would still prefer to transport concrete mixes by hand, our team can wait at the site for as long as it takes for the concrete to be moved to the building area.

Those that are concerned about the time and money that it will cost them to move our ready-mix concrete to their site should think about investing in our concrete pumping Hemel Hempstead service. To discuss the options available, we recommend that you call to speak to a member of our team.

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