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Concrete pumps are now the most popular method of transferring liquid concrete and are a common fixture on building sites now. The birth of the concrete pump has increased the efficiency of building projects, especially when it comes to building high-rises. Whereas previously buckets of concrete had to be lifted up by cranes, it is now possible to pump concrete up to higher floors. This provides a fast and constant supply of concrete exactly to where it is needed.

But how do they work? 

The answer is actually remarkably simple which probably in part accounts for the popularity and reliability of the humble concrete pump. Two cylinders are placed side-by-side and in each cylinder is a piston. One piston draws the liquid concrete into the cylinder whilst the other simultaneously pushes the concrete out. There is a valve which determines which cylinder is open to the concrete hopper and which is open to the discharge pipes.

Types of concrete pump

So, that’s the basics of how concrete pumps work, but there are also multiple types of concrete pump. The list includes mobile pumps, stationary pumps, truck mounted static pumps, and truck mixer concrete pumps. A brief description of each type can be found below.

Mobile Pumps

A mobile concrete pump consists of both a concrete pump and a placing boom which is mounted on a truck chassis. The booms can vary in size and the advantage of this type of concrete pump is it can be deployed quickly and deliver concrete to any area within the range of the boom.

Stationary Pumps

This type of pump is mounted on a trailer and concrete is delivered to the relevant area via a separate pipeline which is attached to the trailer. The pipe is then attached to a placing boom which allows the concrete to be placed with precision.

Truck mounted static pump

Stationary pumps can be mounted onto a truck chassis without the boom. The benefit of this is that it allows you to reach places out of the boom’s range.

Truck mixer concrete pump

Both mobile and static pumps will source their concrete from large hoppers, but there is also the ability to have the supply of concrete itself be mobile. Mixer trucks exist which also have a concrete pump and boom, allowing for full mobility.

Advantages of concrete pumps

As previously mentioned, concrete pumps offer many benefits over the more traditional method of concrete supply, namely using a bucket and crane system. The two main benefits are that concrete pumps can supply a far greater supply of concrete per hour, and the supply is constant. This means that there are fewer wasted man hours as workers will not have to wait around for the next bucket of concrete to arrive by crane. Using a separate boom means it’s also possible to place the concrete exactly where it is needed, meaning lower labour costs. Also by having a dedicated concrete pump, the crane which would have otherwise been lifting buckets of concrete can now be used for other jobs. Finally, mobile pumps mean a far quicker setup time. All that needs to happen is the boom must be placed and the outriggers set up and the pump can be delivering concrete within an hour!

Concrete Pumps For Your Projects

Here at Base Concrete, we pride ourselves not only on the high quality of our ready mix concrete, but also on the fact that our services are tailored to the individual needs of our customers. Whatever the scale and magnitude of your build, you can rely on our skill and expertise to supply your concrete solutions.

Whether you’re in need of specific ready mix concrete custom to your job, or in need of floor screed for both DIY and trade customers, we will take all things into account to ensure that you receive the best concrete and service for your project.

Concrete Experts

Operating over a 15 mile radius of Hemel Hempstead, our independent and well-established concrete services have seen us become the first choice for many compared to larger concrete companies. One of the reasons for this is our ability to supply concrete where access is difficult, space is restricted and time is of the essence. Our concrete pumps ensure that your ready mix concrete and screed can be placed exactly where it is needed, saving time and labour. Our smaller, more agile trucks are able to position themselves in places other larger trucks may have difficulty.

Concrete Pumping Specialists

Once in place, our concrete pumps can be quickly and easily set up to deliver your concrete in the cleanest most effective and most efficient way possible. This removes the need for wheelbarrows and dumpers and also saves the arms and physique of your workman. Our own static line pump carries 70m of line, meaning we can easily deliver your concrete through houses or up alleyways where appropriate. Fittingly however, we supply concrete pumps in a range of sizes including 16m, 24m and 34m sizes meaning we can supply you with the right pump for the right job.

Uses for pumped concrete and screed

Concrete can be used for a wide variety of needs, from laying foundations to flooring for your home or commercial properties such as warehouses. To find out more about the sorts of concrete pumps we provide at Base Concrete, get in touch or visit our specific concrete pumps  page.

Whatever the size or specification of your building project, concrete is likely to be high on your list of required materials. Concrete pumping is a simple and straightforward way to have concrete added to any area, and Base Concrete specialise in offering this convenient service to customers throughout the local area. When you are looking to save time and effort on site, then investing in concrete pumping could be the ideal solution.

Forget heavy loads of concrete being transported by wheelbarrow or dumper; concrete pumping removes the need for manual labour by directing the required concrete to the area where it is needed. Concrete pumps offer the cleanest and easiest way to supply your site with concrete, and Base Concrete can supply a range of different pumps to match a variety of requirements. Quick delivery of concrete can be completed by our 16m, 24m or 34m pumps, but speed isn’t the only advantage of choosing concrete pumping over other methods of concrete delivery. A few of the other benefits of this service include;


Concrete pumping means that you can save both time and money, as it becomes much easier to transport concrete without relying on wheelbarrows and costly manual labour.

Less Wastage:

By supplying only the concrete that you require for your project, pumping can cut down on wastage and reduce the expense of ordering concrete which you simply do not need.

Quick and Efficient:

If your site is within a 15 mile radius of our Hemel Hempstead base, we can deliver to you. This means that you will never have to wait too long to receive the concrete that you need for any project, and our reliable delivery service can help to keep your build on schedule.

Unlike some concrete companies, Base Concrete are happy to provide our services for both small and large projects alike – whether you want concrete as a foundation for industrial flooring or are embarking on a more adventurous build. Whatever quantity of concrete you require, and whether you are looking for concrete pumping or a conventional delivery, get in touch with our team today to arrange concrete for your next project.

Concrete is a highly versatile and durable material that has a vast array of applications and here at Base Concrete we are the experts. Our years of experience and wealth of knowledge means that we are able to offer an impressive range of screed and ready mix concrete to ensure that you receive a concrete that meets all of your needs and requirements.

So why should you choose ready mixed concrete?

When it comes to concrete it’s certainly not a case of ‘one size fits all’; our different types of concrete have a range of properties that make them suitable for very different purposes. Here are a few examples of our concrete mixes and their ideal applications:

Gen 1 Mix:

This is designed to be a basic foundation concrete to be used in footings (minimum cement content of 175kg/pm3)

P300 Mix:

This concrete is more suited for garage flooring or driveways (minimum cement content of 300kg/m)


If you wish to lay your concrete on clay or if you have sulphate soils then this sulphate resistant concrete is the best choice (minimum cement content 330kg/pm3)

C35 Mix:

As a stronger concrete this is a good choice for driveways or roads that experience frequent traffic from heavy vehicles. Thanks to its strength, it is also recommended for agricultural uses as over a period of time, animal urine can damage and weaken concrete (minimum cement content 300 kg/pm3)

C40 Mix:

This is one of the strongest concretes available and as a result, is recommended for uses in farmyards and stables (minimum cement concrete 340 kg/m)

Benefits of Ready Mix Concrete

Laying foundations? Constructing a swimming pool? Or building a new conservatory? Whatever your task, it’s almost a certainty that you’ll need concrete at some point during the build. Concrete is a material widely used throughout the construction industry, and when you consider the numerous benefits attached to this highly versatile material, it’s no surprise as to why. However, with project deadlines getting shorter, and the cost of labour continually rising, it’s no wonder that many are turning to ready mix concrete. As with concrete, ready mix concrete has many benefits that we, as professional suppliers of ready mix have become very familiar with.

Specialising in the manufacture and supply of ready mix concrete, we at Base Concrete have become accustomed to the numerous benefits associated with using ready mix. To give you an insight into what these might be, we have listed a few of them below.

Reduced Manual Labour

With traditional concrete you need to have a builder who has experience mixing concrete to an exact formula. This is a very labour intensive task, and distracts the person in question away from more important projects that need to be completed.

Ready mix concrete removes the need for this person, freeing up an extra pair of hands. It also speeds up the entire process, as you can select a specific date and time for the ready mix to be delivered, ensuring that you receive concrete exactly when you need it.

Specialist Mixes

Whether your task is to build concrete swimming pools or you are laying a concrete floor in an agricultural building, you’ll probably need a specific type of concrete that needs to be mixed to instruction. Base Concrete delivers an assortment of ready mix concretes all to high quality standards which ensures a durable and professional finish to your project.

There’s no need to waste time as ready mix can be delivered straight to site, all you have to do is get in touch with us here at Base Concrete.

Here at Base Concrete we pride ourselves on the outstanding customer service that we offer; you will always receive an efficient and reliable service and our friendly, knowledgeable team members are more than happy to talk you through your options and suggest a solution that’s right for you. Why not contact us today to see how we can help you?

If you’d like any additional information about our range of screed and ready mix concrete, don’t hesitate to call us.

When undertaking any sort of construction project, it’s vitally important to ensure you stick to tight schedules, whether this is through time or money. One material that is highly popular within this industry is concrete, as it offers durability and is highly versatile, and you can rest assured that it will be a long lasting solution, regardless of your individual needs.

Here at Base Concrete, we specialise in the supply of high quality ready mix and floor screed, and the benefit of choosing to come to us is that it doesn’t matter whether you’re a trade or domestic customer, as we cater to all. We’ve been established for many years, and have an experienced team who have a wealth of knowledge in the industry. If you are at all unsure about the best product for your needs, we will be more than happy to guide you in the right decision.

Whether you’re a building contractor constructing houses or a homeowner attempting a spot of DIY, it’s important that you set yourself a schedule when beginning any construction project. Ensure you have an idea of what needs to be completed when, and begin by setting out what materials you will need.

One material that is becoming highly popular is ready mix concrete because of the many benefits it holds; for instance, it will enable you to stick to your tight budgets and time frames easily. With the range of options we have here at Base Concrete, we will endeavour to find the perfect solution for your project.

Ready mix concrete will help to reduce labour times, and therefore costs. With the older, traditional method of using concrete mixes, you would have previously had to employ someone to stand and mix it; however with ready mix, this isn’t needed. Furthermore, using our highly convenient service means you can specify a day and time for delivery, ensuring that your project stays on schedule throughout.

To find out more about what we have available here at Base Concrete and to discuss how ready mix will speed up the efficiency of your project, don’t hesitate to get in touch on 01442 389105 today.

When it comes to concrete, unless you’re a professional it may all seem a bit confusing. You might not have even known just how many types of concrete mix there was available and trying to work out which type you need can seem like a nightmare! But don’t worry, here are some helpful hints to help you choose the best concrete for your application whether you’re laying a new driveway or a new stable floor:


If you’re doing a bit of DIY, perhaps you’re making a few improvements to your home, we are sure to have the perfect mix. If you’re planning on creating yourself a new driveway or perhaps you’re laying a new floor in the garage you should be looking at a P300 mix.


If you’re laying a base for your new shed or doing a bit of landscaping and are planning a new path, GEN 1 Mix with a minimum cement content of 220kg/pm3 will be ideal. This type of concrete can also be used for foundations.

Agricultural Uses:

C35 MIX is perfect for laying drives or roadways because it can withstand heavy vehicles. C35 and C40 MIX is also the best choice for use in farmyards, stables and barns as it is highly durable and animal urine can weaken some types of concrete over time.

If you’re not sure what you’re looking for then don’t hesitate to fill in our form on our Contact Us page, we can talk you through it. Here at Base Concrete we are a leading supplier of concrete in Hemel Hempstead, Luton, Watford and the surrounding areas.

When undertaking commercial construction work or personal DIY tasks it is essential that your concrete mix is delivered promptly and accurately. To cut costs, it is ideal if you can calculate the exact amount of concrete required to complete the project, to ensure you are not paying over the top for materials that you won’t be using.

Using the unique online calculator, users are able to uncover exactly how much concrete they will require for their job. By multiplying the length, width and depth of concrete needed, a final metre cubed figure will highlight the volume required.

At Base Concrete we run smaller trucks than most of our competitors, which are ideal for sites with tight access or when you need lower quantities of concrete mix supplying. This versatility is crucial when looking for a concrete mix provider – being able to deal with small requirements as well as significant undertakings are the hallmarks of a quality operator. Our lorries are the same size as a six-yard skip lorry with load sizes starting at 0.5 metres cubed, with larger vehicles capable of transporting volumes of up to eight metres cubed.

Our concrete mixes are available in volumes of 175kg per metre cubed up to 340kg per metre, depending on your requirements. The lighter mixes are suitable for foundations and flooring, as well as shed bases or paths, with the more heavy duty mixes perfect for large scale undertakings such as driveways, garage floors and agricultural use.

Reputable firms, like the team here at Base Concrete, are able to offer associated concrete mix services, such as floor screeds and concrete pumping. This eliminates the need for labour intensive concrete moving in wheelbarrows etc, which is time consuming and often back breaking work.  

Look for the whole package when contracting a concrete supplier to ensure the foundations laid for your next project are solid.

Concrete is an essential material for the majority of construction projects, from small DIY jobs for homeowners to larger constructions being completed by professional contractors. If you are a commercial customer working within the construction industry and you are looking for a reliable supplier of concrete in St Albans or surrounding areas, then why not take a look at the service on offer at Base Concrete?

Our team have the expertise necessary to help you to find the perfect concrete for your budget and requirements, alongside the professional vehicles required to provide a reliable concrete delivery service.

Whether you are constructing a commercial property in Milton Keynes or a new build home in St Albans, concrete will be an essential feature of its foundations. Providing a hard-wearing surface on which to complete your construction, concrete cannot be matched for durability and efficiency. Long-lasting paths and driveways can also be created with concrete, whilst garage and shed bases will often be laid using this versatile material. Whatever your requirements, Base Concrete can provide any type of ready-mix concrete, as well as a reliable pumping service.

Concrete pumping is ideal for sites where access is difficult. Our smaller lorries can allow our team to access even the most awkward of building sites, whilst a concrete pump can remove the need for moving several loads of concrete manually. Unlike some of our competitors, we are happy to provide our concrete service to smaller sites and jobs, which means that local contractors can rely on our team to supply the concrete they require, whatever capacity is needed.

Our competitive prices help to make our range of concrete services the cost-effective choice, and can help to keep your build on-budget. Our handy online volume calculator allows you to establish exactly how much concrete you will require, and can help busy contractors to save time and reduce wastage when they are completing a construction project. Make Base Concrete your first stop for a service which commercial customers can rely on.

Many homeowners will carry out work in their gardens. This may be a simple task such as reshaping the garden beds, or a more difficult and time consuming task, such as laying a concrete path or resurfacing the garage floor. For those that fall into the latter group, it is important for a smooth, solid and long lasting surface that you have the right mix and quantity of concrete and here at Base Concrete, we’ve produced this guide on concrete mix calculations.

Although TV favourites such as Tommy from Ground Force and the team on DIY SOS may make mixing concrete look like an easy task that takes little time, the truth – as those that working within the construction trade will be able to testify – is that it requires a sound knowledge of rudimentary mathematics and also some hard work!

The quantities required for the mix will depend on the purpose of the concrete – and different people have different calculations regarding the best formula. However, a simple guide to follow if you’re not using a ready mix is 2 parts sand/aggregate to 1 part cement.

However, if you’re using one of the ready mixes available from us here at Base Concrete all that is required is to:

  • Tell us the quantity required – in cubic metres, which can be worked out by multiplying the length of the area by the width and depth.
  • Tell us what the cement will be used for (i.e. pathway, garage flooring) and we’ll be able to provide you with a suitable mix.
  • Let us know when you want it and if you require any of our concrete supplies such as cement pumps.

Once we have the above information, we’ll be able to provide you with the concrete that is suitable for the job at hand. All that is left for you to do is make sure that you’re ready for the cement once it arrives.

When looking to complete house maintenance or working in the construction industry, there are a number of elements which can halt the progress of the job at hand. This could be anything from the weather to the breakdown of machinery. But one thing that should never halt the progress of building work is having the wrong type of concrete, especially when here at Base Concrete we supply a wide range of concrete to a variety of customers.

The best mix to choose depends on two factors; the type of work to be carried out and the finished groundwork required.

Fortunately at Base Concrete we have been supplying a range of concrete mixes for a number of years including FND2 Class 2 sulphate resistant concrete and also various concrete supplies.

Using FND2 Class 2 concrete is ideal for any foundations being laid on sulphate soils or groundwork that includes clay, due to its sulphate resistant tendencies. Here at Base Concrete, we’re also able to add fibres to the concrete mixture to reinforce it. Whatever type of foundations you’re lying on and whatever you require the concrete for, we’re able to provide you with a mix which is perfect for the job at hand.

Along with providing a range of concrete from FND2 Class 2 to P3000 mix, here at Base Concrete we can also ship our concrete in a range of small trucks, which are ideal for when you only require a limited amount of concrete.

If you would like to know more about our concrete supplies or the range of concrete we provide, please contact us. If you’re already aware of the soil you’ll be building your foundations on or if you know what mix of concrete you require, why not give us a call today and get your building work started tomorrow.

Using floor screed is the best way to achieve a smooth, flat and durable surface for any floor, and ensuring that the right mix is chosen for your requirements in the design process is paramount. Here at Base Concrete, we have been providing both trade and DIY customers with high-quality screed for many years, providing us with an extensive knowledge of what mixes will suit your own specific project.

Floor Screed itself is a mixture made from a combination of cement and sharp sand that when laid creates a faultlessly smooth surface, and a clean and clear blank canvas to begin work on top of. This makes it the perfect solution if you need to even out the surfaces in a room before investing in luxury new flooring, or for the essential foundations to set when creating a whole new building/extension.

While floor screed comes with many great benefits, it is important to source it from a company that supplies a high-quality mix to make sure the screed is safe as well as smooth. You can be sure of this with us here at Base Concrete because our floor screed is:

–    Available in a variety of mixes to suit your project

–    Competitively priced

–    Able to be layered on top of insulation

–    Able to be layered on top of underfloor heating

The other great thing about our screed service is that we will deliver it to you in trucks that are smaller than those used by other concrete companies, meaning that we are ideal for sites with tighter access or if you only require a small quantity of screed.

However, if you do in fact require a larger quantity, we can provide a variety that is parallel to our mixes, and we are able to use a larger lorry to transport the required amount. In answer to the question ‘What is floor screed?’, we can guarantee that floor screed from Base Concrete is smooth, safe, easily delivered and adaptable to your needs.

For many enthusiastic DIYers, it can be difficult trying to discern the difference between floor screed and concrete. If you are not in the construction industry, it’s not surprising that you wouldn’t know the dissimilarity between these two materials. To ensure you have the right product for your project, the professional suppliers here at Base Concrete have compiled a brief guide to outline the differences of concrete and floor screed.

The Mixture

Both concrete and screed are typically used in the construction industry, and it is this which makes it hard for homeowners to discern the disparities.

Concrete is mixed with hard-core aggregates which is one of the key reasons why it is so strong and durable. Screed on the other hand, is smooth as it is devoid of any aggregates. The difference in their composition, means that their appearance and various uses are very diverse. Screed is very smooth whilst concrete isn’t.

Typical Uses

Screed is commonly used as a finishing product. On hard floors you generally will layer the screed over the surface to create a flush and smooth surface that is ideal for internal use.

Concrete on the other hand is used throughout the construction process, but generally isn’t used as a finishing product due to its coarser structure.

Method of Application

Screed is often applied with a trowel and can be completed by your average homeowner without any prior skill or experience. Concrete on the other hand does require specialist equipment, that many homeowners would need to find an equipment hire company to complete the job.

If you would like further information or advice on the type of concrete and floor screed you will need for your project, do not hesitate to get in touch with the team here at Base Concrete. We are always happy to help our customers, and you can contact us on 01442 389105.

Are you in need of concrete?

Do you need large quantities of ready-mix concrete or do you need a specialist mix for a specific application? Whatever you need you’ll find that we at Base Concrete are able to help you. We offer a range of services all designed to meet the varying needs of our clients – to unearth the reasons behind our success, read on as we let you in on our poorly kept secrets.


We supply any type of ready mixed concrete – yes, you’ve read correctly. We appreciate that concrete needs to be made to an exact formula in order to meet its proposed application. Therefore, to successfully supply you with ready-mix concrete which meets your requirements, we make it to demand.

We can even advise you on the type of ready-mix concrete which would best accommodate your use by utilising our years of experience and industry knowledge.


While we make ready-mix concrete to order we also deliver it, because we believe in providing the complete package. Therefore, after you have told us the ready-mix concrete you need you can then tell us the time and date you require the concrete to be delivered. This is perfect for construction sites which rely on a tight schedule, as we can deliver the ready-mix concrete as and when you require it.

Other Services

Alongside the supply and delivery of ready mix concrete we at Base Concrete also supply and deliver floor screed. The range of tailored services we provide means that we have established a reputation as one of the most reliable and trustworthy places to contact.

If you would like to learn more about our first class services be sure to get in touch by calling us today on 07812 182778 or click here to fill in an online form and a member of our team will be in contact shortly.

Get in touch with our team on the options below or call us on 01442 389105
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