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Ready Mix Concrete

The benefits of ready mix concrete:

Every one of the mixes that we supply comes from QSRMC accredited plant and conforms to British Standard BS8500-2

This means that for every 50 – 100m of concrete that is produced a cube sample (a small cube shaped box full of concrete) is taken to a lab and crush tested to see if it stands up to to the newton force that the mix is supposed to be, eg. C35 has to withstand 35 newtons of force.

When we produce ready mix concrete in North London and deliver to your site in a mixer lorry, it has had time to thoroughly mix right the way through the concrete; so you are getting the true accredited mix delivered to you. Other systems of delivery that mix onsite can’t offer this, which could lead to inconsistent strength and possible cracking, also in the colder weather conditions mixing onsite doesn’t generate any heat from the concrete where ready mixed can, as in transit to your site the concrete is constantly turning over in the drum and generating heat with the lime in the cement.

We also aim to leave you with your job finished and never short of concrete in North London. We will go through your measurements over the phone and try to get the right amount of concrete delivered to you in North London, working out the exact cubic metre ridge of your job is only an exact science if we are given the right measurements. In a nutshell, Base Concrete supplies perfectly prepared, top quality ready mix concrete in Hemel Hempstead, Watford, Welwyn, Stevenage, and North London.

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