How sustainable is concrete?

The question of sustainability of concrete is one that has been asked a number of times among homeowners, builders and even the concrete companies. As a result, some research has been done to either approve it or disapprove as a sustainable building material. These researchers have come up with the conclusion that concrete is one of the most sustainable building materials in existence today. Following all stages of concrete and its impact to the environment from being a raw material to when it’s demolished. It’s therefore considered a natural choice for sustainability in the construction of homes. The following are the reasons why it’s a sustainable choice: Continue reading How sustainable is concrete?

Tallest building ever made

Most impressive Concrete structures around the world

By far, concrete has been the number one building material. Its use has been seen for centuries where it’s used for building structures such as dams, statues, and landmarks among others. The reason as to why concrete is useful to many people irrespective of the centuries is the fact that it’s among the most versatile and ubiquitous building materials. It was used by ancient Greeks and ancient Romans. There are structures to testify of these facts and all around us; commercial concrete remains the one material that is continuously being used. Let’s take a look at some of the most impressive concrete structures that are in existence today. Continue reading Most impressive Concrete structures around the world

Base Concrete Lorry

The difference between Concrete & Screed

So everyone has probably heard of concrete but have you ever heard of screed? To most, these two materials could be one and the same but there are some key differences. So let’s start by saying that concrete and screed are used in the construction industry for building purposes but unless you a part of that industry you are likely not to know too much about them. Continue reading The difference between Concrete & Screed

Top 5 tips for maintaining your concrete driveway

Concrete is the building material many of our driveways are made from. It’s long lasting and is very efficient. However, it is down to you and me to ensure that the concrete driveway is sufficiently maintained. This will ensure that it lasts a long time & does its job correctly. There are a number of tips that will enable you to achieve these goals on your driveway. Here are the 5 tips that top the list.
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