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30 Nov

What is a Boom Pump?

Have you ever come across a concrete boom pump before? Unless you work in the construction trade, you may be forgiven for not really knowing what a boom pump...

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30 Oct

What is Reinforced Concrete?

A lot of you will be familiar with reinforced concrete as a building material, but may not be aware of the finer details. Commercial concrete is often a good...

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28 Aug

Why Concrete is a Great Choice for Floors

You may just see concrete as a flooring option that is a pretty standard arrangement, one that places tend to opt for if they can’t think of a better...

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30 Jul

The Many Uses of Concrete

Where would we be without concrete? It’s one of the most versatile and essential products for almost all construction projects across the world. It’s a substance that fills our...

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30 Jun

The Different Types of Concrete Pumps

Construction projects require a constant supply of concrete, and without it, the construction project will be impossible to complete. Construction projects are usually faced with the issue of how...

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29 May

How to Mix Concrete by Hand or in a Mixer

Lots of people fear using concrete. If it goes wrong, it can be difficult to fix, but for smaller domestic jobs it’s actually a lot easier than many people...

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31 Mar

Benefits of Onsite Mixed Concrete

While you’re in the planning stages of your latest project, have you considered the benefits of onsite mixed concrete? If not, let us explain! Budget One of the great...

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28 Feb

Top Tips To Sealing A Concrete Floor

How To Seal A Concrete Floor? Using concrete flooring in your home can be an excellent choice. Especially if you’re interested in the durability of your floor. However, to...

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31 Jan

How To Lay A Concrete Base

Follow these steps for the best DIY project If you are going to be laying a concrete floor for a DIY project it is important that careful preparation is...

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11 Dec

Volumetric or Ready Mix

What’s The Difference?  Concrete is, without a doubt, one of the most common construction materials. This is because it can be used for a wide variety of projects. It...

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