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For a smooth, flat finish we recommend finishing with floor screed, which we can supply in both large and small quantities depending on your needs and specification, we even have smaller trucks and pumps for sites where access is difficult or when you don’t need large amounts of screed or concrete mix. Floor screeding is an excellent covering for underfloor heating, or for large commercial and industrial warehouses and workshops. So if you require quality floor Screed in Watford and surrounding areas then please get in touch with Base Concrete.

Floor Screeding

Screed floors can be layered on top of both insulation and underfloor heating in a number of mixes. Floor screeding is an excellent solution and we have worked closely with the domestic market, developers, architects, contractors and construction companies throughout Watford, Luton, Hemel Hempstead and beyond.

We offer 2 types of floor screed:

Conventional 4-1 sand and cement mix with fibres  and retardant:

This is of a moist consistency that is compacted down to give you your finished floor before covering with a flooring , for example, wood, tile, carpet, hair like fibres are added to this mix to give extra bonding while curing, a retarder is also  added to slow the curing down to give between 4-6 hrs of time to lay this product.

Supply flow screed:

This is of a soupy consistency that is a self levelling product, this product does need a pump though to place the screed into your site as it is too wet to wheel barrow.

This product does need more preparation as it flows over the floor finding it’s own level, your floor has to be water tight by way of laying a membrane so no fluid can escape.

If you would like more information on the floor screed we have, or to get a quote on the amount you need then please get in touch today. For more information feel free to get in touch via our Contact Page or phone us on 01442 389105 for a quote.

Floor screeding

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