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Commercial Concrete

Here are our most common commercial mixes. Any mix you don’t see, don’t hesitate to call us as we can supply any mix you need.

  1. Gen1 (C15) is a basic foundation mix for single story extensions and wall footings and conservatories.
  2. Gen3 (C20) is a foundation mix also which is used for double story extensions and also internal floor mix and shed base’s.
  3. C25 Also foundation and Garage base etc.
  4. C30 Also foundation ,floors and Garage base etc.
  5. C35 This mix can be used for raft foundation and floors etc.
  6. C40 This mix also is used for ring beams.
  7. FND2 Class 2,is a sulphate resistant mix for sulphate soils and clay.
  8. Pav1 for external use driveways and paths (including AEA frost prevention).
  9. Pav2 heavy duty mix for external use in commercial yards( including AEA frost prevention).
  10. RC mixes are often used with reinforced steel and so is designed to minimise the risk of corrosion to the steel by using a measured water to cement ratio.
  11. Water proof concrete mainly used in construction of basements, these mixes come with a guarantee.

Fibres can be added to these mixes for extra strength on request(acrylic hair fibres mix right through the concrete for extra bonding).

We can deliver a wide variety of concrete mixes from a shed base to water proof concrete. For more information feel free to get in touch via our Contact Page or phone us on 01442 389105 for a quote.

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