12 Jun

What is Concrete Pumping?

Whatever the size or specification of your building project, concrete is likely to be high on your list of required materials. Concrete pumping Watford is a simple and straightforward way to have concrete added to any area, and Base Concrete specialise in offering this convenient service to customers throughout the local area. When you are looking to save time and effort on site, then investing in concrete pumping could be the ideal solution.

Forget heavy loads of concrete being transported by wheelbarrow or dumper; concrete pumping removes the need for manual labour by directing the required concrete to the area where it is needed. Concrete pumps offer the cleanest and easiest way to supply your site with concrete, and Base Concrete can supply a range of different pumps to match a variety of requirements. Quick delivery of concrete can be completed by our 16m, 24m or 34m pumps, but speed isn’t the only advantage of choosing concrete pumping Watford over other methods of concrete delivery. A few of the other benefits of this service include;

• Cost-effective: Concrete pumping means that you can save both time and money, as it becomes much easier to transport concrete without relying on wheelbarrows and costly manual labour.

• Less Wastage: By supplying only the concrete that you require for your project, pumping can cut down on wastage and reduce the expense of ordering concrete which you simply do not need.

• Quick and Efficient: If your site is within a 15 mile radius of our Hemel Hempstead base, we can deliver to you. This means that you will never have to wait too long to receive the concrete that you need for any project, and our reliable delivery service can help to keep your build on schedule.

Unlike some concrete companies, Base Concrete are happy to provide our services for both small and large projects alike – whether you want concrete as a foundation for industrial flooring or are embarking on a more adventurous build. However much concrete you require, and whether you are looking for concrete pumping or a conventional delivery, get in touch with our team today to arrange concrete for your next project.

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