29 Jan

What are the Different Types of Commercial Concrete Mixes?

Concrete is a highly used construction material. Whenever we hear the words “construction” and “building”, it’s the very first thing that comes to mind. It has many properties, making it the default pick for commercial concrete workers. Concrete is adaptable and has high strength workability making it stand out among the other materials for building and construction.

The commercial concrete is made by mixing water, aggregates and cement to form a paste. The ratio at which these materials are mixed is predetermined. As such, it’s very versatile as simple alterations can be done to the ratio at which the above basic ingredients are mixed. This results in several different types of commercial concrete mixes which include the following:

The Normal Concrete Mix

This is the most common type of all the commercial concrete mix. The strength it possesses is suitable for most building and construction applications like the construction of walls, skyscrapers and buildings among others. The basic ingredients of the normal concrete type are the regular cement, aggregates and water. Aggregates are sand and stones. It has an initial setting time of between 30 and 90 minutes, depending on the specific ratios of the components found in the cement mix. The advantage of this type of mix is that it has numerous applications and is strong enough for the applications. It’s however, difficult to decorate if need be.

High Strength Concrete

High strength concrete mix is another type of commercial concrete, contractors today are provided with the option for high strength concrete mix. This mix is made from a low ratio of water to cement and high-quality aggregate. Certain admixtures are also added to the mix of concrete in order to make it much stronger. This also gives it other properties that are better. The setting time for the high strength concrete mixes is much longer than the normal concrete mix that we mentioned earlier. The general use for the high strength concrete mix type is in areas where a higher load is expected on a structure. This may include public walkways among other such areas. The advantage of this type of mix is that it’s very strong and is suited for structures that are likely to experience heavy loads. It’s extremely strong and durable. The downside of this mix is that it requires expertise to mix it. Otherwise, the resulting mixture can be of low quality.

High-Performance Concrete

High-Performance concrete mix is like the high strength concrete type. The main difference between the two types is that the this one has greater strength than the other. They’re also highly durable. The high-performance concrete mix is used for the construction of structures and buildings. Examples of these structures include large pillars, massive concrete facades, warehouses and skyscrapers. The benefit of this type of mix, as mentioned above is in its strength and durability. However they need a professional to mix and apply it.

Air-entrained Concrete

Air-entrained concrete mix is a relatively recent invention. This type of concrete is meant for special purposes. It’s made by using suitable admixtures to trap air inside the concrete mix. They’re great for the special purposes for which they were invented but have lower strength compared to the regular concrete mixes.


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