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Volumetric Concrete

Volumetric Concrete Lorries

A volumetric concrete mixer or lorry is commonly known as a volumetric transportable mixer. This is a mixer on a lorry that holds raw concrete supplies and water, which is then blended on site to provide precise measurements of concrete that are desired. Volumetric concrete lorries can hold up to 10 metres of concrete, while also creating no wastage once the amount of concrete needed is met.

With our volumetric concrete lorries, you have the ability to request two different types of concrete mix from the same lorry at two different water consistencies. For example, you could request a wet footing mix and then a dry kerb mix to back kerbs or edgings up.

Our Volumetric concrete lorries are calibrated regularly to make sure you’re getting the exact amount.


How Volumetric Concrete Mixers Work

Volumetric concrete mixers have 3 different barrels which can also be known as the hoppers. The 2 main larger barrels contain sand and gravel. The 3rd and smallest barrel would contain dry cement. A turning belt moves the sand and gravel towards the back of the mixer. The way that the mix is made can be altered by opening or closing the barrels for the sand and gravel. Cement and water are presented as the sand and gravel go in the mixing compartment. From here all the elements are mixed and transmitted up to 7 meters away from the back of the mixer through the lorries concrete slider.

Volumetric Concrete Mixer

Advantages of Using Volumetric Concrete

A major benefit of volumetric concrete is that you are guaranteed to have the right amount of concrete delivered to you. This means that there is never a risk of over or under ordering the concrete, the right amount will always be at hand for the job.

The numerous components of the concrete mixture are stored and transported in separate compartments this means that when it comes to mixing the concrete it can be made and tweaked to the exact specifications of the job at hand. This is very helpful because you can also consider any unexpected circumstances.

Another key advantage with volumetric concrete is that the concrete is always fresh as it is being produced the moment that it is required. Also when the first batch of concrete is being laid, a new batch can be in the process of being made. This also helps with larger jobs, minimising the waiting time for cement to arrive.

pouring concrete on to construction site

Our volumetric concrete mixer lorries are appropriate for a wide variety of projects, from the smaller domestic jobs to greater scale commercial jobs. Our concrete is of the highest standard. We strive to be the best and deliver a dependable and convenient service for our customers ensuring complete customer gratification every time.

Volumetric concrete is extremely popular for domestic, commercial and industrial applications of all types. We also carry out cube tests to ensure you get the exact strength of concrete that you request. Contact us today for a free quote.

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