15 Dec

Top 5 tips for maintaining your concrete driveway

Concrete is the building material many of our driveways are made from. It’s long lasting and is very efficient. However, it is down to you and me to ensure that the concrete driveway is sufficiently maintained. This will ensure that it lasts a long time & does its job correctly. There are a number of tips that will enable you to achieve these goals on your driveway. Here are the 5 tips that top the list.
Ensure it is always clean
As a result of the constant use, the driveway may accumulate some debris and dirt over time. This deals a blow to the appearance and attractiveness of the place. You have to ensure that it is always attractive and presentable. To clean the driveway, you can use a power washer or a few select chemicals. When you do the cleaning, be sure to remove all the moss and dirt that accumulates regularly. Leakages of grease, oil or gas could cause staining. Hence, you must ensure that such leakages are washed off as soon as you discover them to prevent discolouration.

Well kept concrete driveway

Never de-ice 
Cold weather can cause some icing on the driveway. The ice, without a doubt, should be cleared off the surface of the concrete for it to remain usable. The problem is that a lot of us will rush deicing. However, it is not a good idea to use the deicing chemicals on your driveway. This is because scaling and spalling may result from the use of these chemicals. Further damage could be caused when some of these chemicals find their way into existing cracks. This could result in a lot of damage to the driveway. In place of the chemicals, it is safer to use sand instead to remove the ice.

Ensure you carry out resealing regularly
At the time of construction, a sealant is used in the driveway. With time, this sealant wears out and needs to be regularly redone. The reapplication of this sealant is advised to be done after a specified period of time. This keeps the concrete driveway clean and protected. The advice for the best choice of a sealant can be given by a local supplier of concrete.

Never overload the driveway
Concrete driveways have no capacity to withstand heavy vehicles that are fully loaded, machinery and construction equipment. So, ensure that such does not go through the driveway. Though concrete is durable, it will surely be damaged by such heavy loads.

smart concrete driveway

Always repair the damaged parts of the driveway
The occurrence of cracks in the driveway is a common thing. If not filled, the cracks can widen with time and render the driveway unusable. It is therefore imperative that such cracks are filled when discovered. This is a maintenance practice that is extremely important. If not regularly done, the cracks may widen and damage the driveway beyond repair.

The concrete driveway is an essential part of our homes. They contribute a lot to the looks of the home, though many of us don’t know this fact. If the driveway is to be attractive and fully serve its purpose, it must be properly maintained. Therefore, if you hadn’t taken a keen interest in maintaining yours, be sure to do that from now henceforth.

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