28 Nov

Top 5 Tips For Building The Perfect Concrete Driveway

Creating that perfect concrete driveway requires a great deal of heavy labour and careful planning but if done correctly can provide many years of service. Concrete driveways can be finished with dozens of different colours and designs making that entrance unique. If you are planning to build a concrete driveway, here are some tips for you:

  1. Get your plan


Once the sub-base has been placed and compacted, the next thing is to assure the finished slopes are how you want the top of your concrete to adhere too. Make sure the finished designs slope away from buildings, this will cause all captured water to run to the area you wish it to go.

Put your ideas on paper. Sketch the dimensions of your proposed concrete driveway. Make sure the measurements are correct. You can seek professional help if required.

To avoid troubles with neighbours who might get annoyed by your construction noises, inform them beforehand of your upcoming project. Let them know your construction schedule so that they can plan accordingly. This will maintain a healthy relationship.

beautiful concrete driveway


  1. Get ready for the materials choice

After all the formalities are done with, visit the local hardware store to get all the supplies you need. But, before that, you need to make the list of the things you will be lacking. Before going for shopping, compare the prices of the products and read reviews to get an idea of which products will be the best for you. If money is a factor for you, consider buying second-hand equipment. Or better still- rent or borrow from friends or relatives who have the required things.

  1. Choose your supplier

Access for the ready-mix trucks is always a consideration as well. You want to avoid driving the vehicles inside the forms if at all possible. If the driveway is to have reinforcing bars, it prevents any truck access.

Pour a panel, set a standard expansion form and, install the mesh and then continue with the next group without delaying the pour.

  1. Concrete leveling

Once you place the concrete, a power trowel is used to provide a smooth surface without polishing it like a floor in a building. Different trowel blades offer different finishes. Commonly used in a driveway are float finish blades. Many people like a broom finish surface and this also can be adjusted to be as heavy or light as desired.

sloping concrete driveway

  1. Concrete recurring

Stamping concrete takes a bit of practice but can provide a beautifully finished surface that resembles stone; brick paves and so on. By combining stamping with colouring, you can create a beautiful showpiece for your home. The most critical requirement for a good solid real drive is the sub-base beneath. Extraordinarily wet or soft soils will cause shifting of the bearing materials and thereby assure future failure of the finished concrete itself.

So there you have it, some tips to help you when creating your own masterpiece of a driveway. There are many great companies out there who can supply you with the concrete via mini mixers or large concrete pumps, Base Concrete should be sat on top of that list as they will ensure you get exactly what you need in a timely fashion all at a fantastic price.

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