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Any construction professional will testify that no two jobs are exactly the same. While you may spend all of your working day laying concrete for forecourts and driveways, there will be few that proceed 100% to plan. Small differences in the circumstances of your project will either make things much easier, or much more difficult, but thankfully here at Base Concrete we can help solve any problems you may have when laying concrete. We use our detailed knowledge of concrete and varied range of concrete pumps Hemel Hempstead to ensure we’re consistent in our provision of concrete services which meet your needs no matter what the circumstances.

The main problem that you’re likely to have, especially when working in a residential area or even when concreting at your own home, is a lack of space. Driveways extending up the sides of houses for example can be notoriously difficult to concrete – just think how long it would take to lay concrete for a 20 foot driveway one wheelbarrow at a time!

Here at Base Concrete, we have two solutions to this problem.

1.    Small Trucks

The vehicles in which we deliver our mixes and mini mixes are designed to allow us to deliver to DIY clients as well as to large commercial construction firms. This means that, using only our trucks (not pumps) we can access areas where space is at a premium to deliver our concrete directly to the area where it is needed.

Where larger trucks have to park at the roadside and deliver concrete one wheelbarrow at a time, in many circumstances we can simply reverse up to your plot and deploy the concrete, at no extra charge whatsoever.

2.    Concrete Pumps

Whilst our trucks can handle some restricted access situations, in some instances there’s no better alternative than our concrete pumps. Regularly maintained and available at relatively short notice, our concrete pumps Hemel Hempstead are capable of delivering a mix to a plot up to 70 metres away from our vehicles. If you’re working at the rear of a building for example, this could be the perfect solution, so get in touch today for service within a 15 mile radius of the Base Concrete Hemel Hempstead Depot.