12 Apr

Readymix Concrete Uses in Luton

The many uses of concrete make it an invaluable resource for construction sites, especially readymix concrete Luton. At Base Concrete we appreciate the numerous benefits that readymix concrete can offer construction companies. Our readymix concrete is created according to set formulae; ensuring that a specific and high quality concrete is produced. We can do any concrete mixture that you ask us to, so that you don’t need to spend the extra money hiring an extra pair of hands to mix the concrete onsite.

At Base Concrete we have a vast amount of experience in concrete and as such we understand what the best concrete is for any specific job. All concretes mixes have advantages and disadvantages, and as such they all have different uses.

Foundations and Footings:

If you need a concrete mix which is ideal for laying foundations or footings to a building then we would recommend our Gen1 concrete mix. Our concrete readymix is done to a specific formula which ensures that the concrete is mixed with precision and accuracy. The footings are important to ensure structural integrity of the final building. Mixing on site could result in construction weaknesses if the mixture is composed inaccurately.


If you need a mixture that will withstand heavy traffic on driveways or roadways then you need the C35 Mix. This has been incorporated with fibres which strengthens the mixture to ensure that it can withstand heavier and regular road traffic.

Agricultural Sites:

Agricultural sites need stronger concrete mixes as the concrete needs to withstand heavy machinery operation and animal urine. Animal urine can affect the strength of some concrete mixes as the urine erodes the concrete after a prolonged period of time. A C40 concrete mix has fibres embedded into the mixture to add strength and durability.

If you need a specific readymix concrete Luton then contact the helpful team at Base Concrete. Our friendly team have an abundance of experience and knowledge to help you choose a readymix for your job. We have the experience to mix up any concrete to specification. To get in touch please call on 01442 389 105.

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