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Base Concrete offers top-quality ready mix concrete in North London that is prepared perfectly to your specifications. We supply a wide range of ready mix cement for the best results on your construction project.

At Base Concrete, we offer several different types of concrete in North London to cater to the specific needs of your project. Here are some examples of the different kinds of ready mix concrete that we supply:

Gen 1 Mix: often used for basic foundations used in footings
P300 Mix: used for driveways and garage floors
FND2 CLASS 2: best used for laying concrete on clay
C35 Mix: a stronger concrete that is ideal for driveways and roads with frequent traffic
C40 Mix: a strong concrete that is recommended in stables and farmyards

Supplying Ready Mix Cement and Concrete In North London

When you purchase cement in North London from Base Concrete, you can rest assured that it is of a high standard. Our ready mix concrete is supplied by a QSRMC-accredited plant, adhering to British Standard BS8500-2. As such, a small cube sample from every 50 – 100m of concrete is tested to ensure that it can withstand the required newton force.

We deliver ready mix concrete to your North London site in a mixer lorry, which gives it time to mix properly. This benefit is not offered by other on-site mixing delivery systems, which can result in the concrete not having consistent strength across the batch. So, you can rest assured that ready mix concrete from Base Concrete will be strong enough for its required purpose.

Concrete Pumps Supply in North London

We also offer concrete pumping in North London, which is a cost-effective method of supplying concrete to your site. We can deliver concrete pumps in North London to help save you time and effort on your construction site.

At Base Concrete, we work with you to meet all of your needs so that you are never short of ready mix concrete in North London. Our experts will review your measurements to ensure that you have enough cement for your project.

For more information feel free to get in touch via our Contact Page or phone us on 01442 389105 for a quote.

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