23 Nov

Ready Mix Concrete Ingredients

When you are completing a construction project or DIY job, concrete is one of the essential materials you are likely to need. Offering unrivalled durability and strength, concrete can be effectively used for a variety of applications from foundations to floors. When you are looking for a professional firm to supply the very best ready mix concrete Luton, make Base Concrete your first choice for high-quality materials at affordable prices.

The hard-wearing nature of concrete makes it ideal for use in a range of environments. A perfect blend of aggregate and cement combines to make a material which can endure years of wear and tear without losing its strength. Read on for more information on the different kinds of ready mix concrete Luton we offer.

GEN 1 Mix

This is a basic foundation mix which is commonly used in footings. It has a minimum cement content of 175kg/m3, which makes it strong, yet ideal for lighter uses.

GEN 3 Mix

Ideal for foundations or floors, this mix can give you a level, hard-wearing base for a construction or renovation. If you are completing a new garden design, this mix can also be used for shed bases or footpaths.

P300 Mix and C30 Mix

Both of these mixes are perfect for creating a new driveway at your property, or for firm flooring in a garage conversion.

FND2 Class 2

This concrete is designed to be laid on sulphate soils or clay surfaces, and can resist any damage that sulphates may cause to concrete, helping to ensure your concrete is always in the best condition.

C45 and C40

For use in an agricultural environment, these concrete mixes can withstand the heavy footfall of animals to minimise any potential damage to your farmyard. These mixes are also ideal for road ways which will undergo heavy traffic.

The secret to successful concrete is careful mixing, and many years of experience have made Base Concrete the experts in the fine art of ready mix concrete Luton. When you are looking for an established company to provide high quality concrete, look no further than our specialist team.

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