29 Jul

How to Polish Concrete

As with all other specialized techniques, to be able to polish concrete properly, you need to go through a step by step process. You’ll also need proper equipment and tools. To help set you off in your journey of polishing your concrete, here is a short overview of the process of polishing and equipment checklist to help you carry out your job successfully.

The Basics of concrete polishing

For proper concrete polishing, there should be machines with abrasives to help in the grinding of the concrete surface to the level smoothness and shine. You’ll be moving from coarser grit to finer grit abrasives. This will result in a mirror-like finish that’s glossy. Concrete can either be polished using dry or wet methods. The former is preferred because it’s more convenient, faster and friendly to the environment.

Concrete Polishing Process

Now that you concrete polishing basics at hand, the next thing is to discuss what the steps of doing the job are. Use these steps to polish your concrete surfaces.

1. Prepare the Area to be Polished

Before you begin any work on the concrete surface, the area you want to polished must be prepared and made ready for the work at hand. The amount of preparation required will depend on the condition of the surface how much dirt or dust is on the surface in question. The following preparations can be made:
• Sweeping and mopping the area to get rid of all the dust or dirt on in

• Coatings or sealers that may have recently been applied to the surface should be removed

• Any blemishes or cracks on the surface must be repaired prior

2. Use a Coarse Grit Abrasive Disc to Polish the Surface

What follows after fixing and cleaning the surface is to begin the process of polishing. What will be needed here are various diamond abrasive disc types and a concrete grinder. These can be hired from a rental firm of machinery. The first thing is to polish the surface with a coarse grit abrasive disc. This process removes any stains on the surface and any rough areas on it. When you’re polishing the surface, you’ll need to employ the right technique which is necessary for all the steps involved by the polisher. A proper technique involves the grinder being moved in circular motions. You should also start from a given section of the surface and methodically and slowly to the areas. The whole surface must be covered without missing a spot.

3. Use a Fine Grit Abrasive Disc to Polish the Surface

The next grit abrasive disk to use after the coarse grit abrasive disc is the fine grit abrasive disc. This disc will begin to give your surface a sleek, glossy look which is usually associated with concrete that has been polished.

4. Use an Extra-Fine Grit Abrasive Disc

Finally, the last step of the process involves the use of a grinder with an extra-fine-grit abrasive disc to grind the surface. This fourth step aims to ensure that all blemishes from the surface are gotten rid of. You end up with a sleek, smooth concrete surface.

5. Apply a Surface Polish Coat

Once the polishing of the surface is completed, you need to find a way to ensure that it’s protected from any damages. By adding a coat of concrete surface polish will add some protection to it.


With this information and the five steps for concrete surface polishing, you’ll be able to do the job by yourself without needing a professional. Your surface will still look smooth and sleek.

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