30 Aug

How to Level a Concrete Floor

Whenever you want to lay great tiles over a concrete floor that’s rather unsightly, you definitely need to ensure that the surface is properly levelled if you are to have them fit nicely. The concrete surface has to be free from cracks, smooth and levelled very well. So, it’s quite essential that the concrete floor undergoes proper preparation that will ensure it’s levelled in a satisfactory manner. Other flooring options, apart from tiles will also need the surface to be well prepared. For those who love to do such home tasks by themselves, there are several options for levelling the concrete floor. Here is a basic guide for you to follow:

The Materials Required

Every home improvement or decoration task will need certain basic materials if you are to do them properly. For concrete floor levelling, the materials you’ll need are as follows:

• Water
• Latex Bonding Agent
• Cement
• Sand and
• A self-levelling compound


How to Go About It:

Once you have the above materials ready, you can immediately dive into the task at hand without any worries. Assuming that you’ve done all the necessary preparation with tools and work gear, the following are the ways to carry out your levelling task:

1. Prepare and Clean the Floor

Your floor may need preparations to help in making it ready for levelling. If there are any cracks on it, fill them with epoxy. If it’s necessary, any small cracks can be widened. Using a detergent make sure that you thoroughly clean the concrete floor. Any oil or grease on the surface of the floor must be removed sufficiently. Before proceeding from this step, ensure the floor is free from dust and dry.

2. Apply the Latex Bonding Compound

When you’ve made sure that your floor is completely and absolutely dry, go ahead and apply the latex bonding compound over the surface of the concrete, leaving no area. With this, the self-levelling compound will have the ability to properly adhere to the floor. For getting into the edges and corners, you can use a less costly paint brush. To spread the compound of bonding over the other sections of the floor surface, you may use a regular mop. The latex bonding compound should then be left to dry up.

3. Mix the Self-Levelling Compound with Water

According to the instructions of the manufacturer, mix water with the self-levelling compound. The goal is to make it very smooth. To ensure the desired level of smoothness, it should be thoroughly mixed in a bucket.

4. Apply the Self-Levelling Compound on the Floor

Since it often dries very quickly, you need to immediately begin pouring it on the floor. Start pouring it out at one corner of the concrete floor and to the rest of it until the whole floor has been covered. To avoid getting boxed in, it’s advisable to begin pouring the mixture in the corner that is furthest from your door.


5. Smooth out Irregularities

There are likely to be some irregularities that you’ll notice on the floor. To smooth them out, use a long-handled rake. The long-handled garden rake will allow you to reach long distances of the floor.

6. Let the Floor Dry Up

Once you are through with the above practices, you should let the concrete floor dry up for many days. During the period of drying up, nothing should be done to the floor as this can cause irregularities to be inflicted on it.


This process is a simple one for anyone who wants to level their concrete floor easily by themselves. Use it to obtain the results you desire for a level floor that can allow you to put up your coverings on the floor.

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