30 Aug

How Do Concrete Pumps Work?

A construction site would obviously be synonymous with lots of concrete, therefore we at Base Concrete understand and how tedious it can be to ferry it using wheelbarrows or dumpers. We recommend using concrete pumps to make the process of transporting concrete effortless and convenient. If you know how concrete pumps work, it will become easier for you to make the necessary decisions during the course of a construction project.

Concrete Pump Workings

A concrete pump is designed to make the transportation of concrete, smooth and easy. When large volumes of concrete are needed, it becomes quite laborious to manually carry concrete from one location to another.

There are two main types of concrete pump, namely boom-mounted concrete pump and line concrete pump. The former is connected to a boom, which is controlled by a computer; the boom is usually mounted on a truck. By feeding in the location where you want the concrete to be pumped into the computer, you can make the entire concrete transportation task easy and quick.

A line concrete pump is based on a vehicle bed and is not connected to a boom. The pump has large diameter hoses of varying lengths. Once the concrete enters the hoses, the pump begins working to move the concrete to the desired location.

Benefits of Using Concrete Pumps

When you use concrete pumps, you reduce the time it takes to transport concrete to a particular location at the construction site. This allows workers to work quickly and focus on more important work other than manually transporting the concrete.

We are located in Hemel Hempstead and offer pumping service around a 15-mile radius, including Watford and Luton. We operate small trucks that can fit into construction sites with narrow access, or when quantities of concrete needed isn’t too high. We provide static line concrete pumps that have a 70-meter hose to reach nearly all distances, even if the site is located in an alleyway. If you want to hasten your construction work and reduce the mess created by manually carrying concrete, contact us. We would be glad to arrange a concrete pump for your construction needs.

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