15 Aug

The History of Readymixed Concrete

Concrete is one of most widely used materials in the construction industry, and its development from being mixed on site to concrete mixed off site has significantly changed the construction industry. As with many products, readymix concrete Luton arose due to a demand in the market. The history behind readymix concrete isn’t widely known, however due to our professional status as a quality producer and supplier of readymix concrete, we at Base Concrete have a thorough understanding of the history behind this useful product.

The Beginning

Readymix concrete was first patented by the German architect Jurgen Heinrich Magens in 1903. Although he developed the concept of concrete being mixed off site and transported, the notion could not be fully realised until 1907 when the transportation method had been developed. Jurgen Heinrich Magens realised that by cooling and vibrating the concrete, the concrete mix could be transported for a prolonged period of time.

The Development

Despite this discovery, attempts to supply the building trade did not take off until the late 1920’s.  This was successfully achieved by the new range of used trucks which were fitted with a drum to move the concrete during transportation.

The first readymix company to set up in the UK took place in 1930, and it was only later on in the 1960’s that a successful network of concrete firms had established themselves in the construction industry.


In today’s construction market, readymix concrete is used on a daily basis. The professional services of Base Concrete are used for the specialist and quality concrete mixes which are produced. For construction companies, readymix concrete reduces labour costs and increases the amount of space they have on-site. All this has led to readymix concrete becoming exceptionally popular within today’s industry.

If you would like more information on readymix concrete Luton then please contact Base Concrete today. We are able to offer quality concrete mixes which we deliver on the selected date you choose. Phone us on 01442 389 105 for more information.

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