13 Dec

FND2 Class 2: Sulphate Resistant Concrete in Welwyn

When looking to complete house maintenance or working in the construction industry, there are a number of elements which can halt the progress of the job at hand. This could be anything from the weather to the breakdown of machinery. But one thing that should never halt the progress of building work is having the wrong type of concrete, especially when here at Base Concrete we supply a wide range of concrete Welwyn to a variety of customers.

The best mix to choose depends on two factors; the type of work to be carried out and the finished groundwork required.

Fortunately, for you, here at Base Concrete for a number of years we’ve been supplying a range of concrete mixes including FND2 Class 2 sulphate resistant concrete and also various concrete supplies.

Using FND2 Class 2 concrete is ideal for any foundations being laid on sulphate soils or groundwork that includes clay, due to its sulphate resistant tendencies. Here at Base Concrete, we’re also able to add fibres to the concrete mixture to reinforce it. Whatever type of foundations you’re lying on and whatever you require the concrete for, we’re able to provide you with a mix which is perfect for the job at hand.

Along with providing a range of concrete from FND2 Class 2 to P3000 mix, here at Base Concrete we can also ship our concrete in a range of small trucks, which are ideal for when you only require a limited amount of concrete.

If you would like to know more about our concrete supplies or the range of concrete Welwyn we provide, visit our website. If you’re already aware of the soil you’ll be building your foundations on or if you know what mix of concrete you require, why not give us a call today and get your building work started tomorrow.

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