29 Mar

Everything You Need to Know About a Volumetric Concrete Mixer

We know first-hand that getting the right amount of concrete mix can be a very challenging task, but with the volumetric concrete mixer, it can easily be done. A volumetric concrete mixer has many benefits, the first one being that you’re certain to have the precise amount of mixture delivered to you. This means there isn’t a risk of over or under doing the exact amount for the job. The various components of the concrete mix are stored and transported in separate compartments, which means that when the time comes to mix the concrete, it can be tailored and tweaked to your requirements. This is particularly helpful because it can take into account the weather changes which may alter the type of mix required. Volumetric mixers can store up to double the amount of a traditional drum mixer.

Volumetric concrete mixing has changed the way that the industry works as it offers a number of advantages where space isn’t limited, the barrel mixer is a lot better for the smaller projects.

Volumetric vs Drum/Barrel


Wastage – mixed onsite, therefore no waste as you only mix what you require.

Truck Capacity – volumetric trucks can store 10m3 of concrete in them, double the amount of a drum-based vehicle.

Flexibility – mixed onsite, tailored and can be altered on the day.



Wastage – mixed offsite, anything that is not used will go to waste.

Truck Capacity – not able to carry as much as a volumetric truck.

Flexibility – mixed offsite, cannot be altered on the day.


Volumetric concrete mixers are onboard a truck that also carries the necessary raw materials for the concrete mix – aggregates, cement, water, fibres and any required additives. The specifications for the required concrete mix are programmed into the mixer, the specifications obviously vary depending on what the concrete is being used for (concrete footings, a driveway or a patio, etc).

Once the mix has been created it is poured from the truck into the desired location – this may require the use of a concrete pump, while this is going on the exact volume of concrete is poured is displayed, allowing the pour to stop when the necessary amount has been reached. Once finished, the amount displayed will determine how much the customer needs to pay for the batch.

Volumetric concrete is extremely popular for domestic, commercial, and industrial applications of all types with no wastage, exact ordering and no such thing as overpaying it’s easy to see why it’s so commonly used.

A volumetric concrete mixer lets the operative control the exact quantity of water being put into any mix. Because the concrete mix we are creating is fresh and normally 10-15 seconds old before it goes onto the ground, there is no requirement to increase the amount of water above the intended total.

Benefits of a volumetric mixed concrete

With drum mixed concrete there is a limited time frame for the use between it being at the plant and arriving at your site whereas volumetric mixing eradicates this problem. No money will be wasted as the amount required will be paid for and no wastage would have to be paid for.


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