04 Apr

Different Types of Concrete St. Albans

Some people may be under the wrong impression that concrete or ready mix concrete comes in only a single form, and can be used in any project and area of a building. This couldn’t be further from the truth and sourcing the right mix of concrete St. Albans for your specific project is essential to ensure that you gain the best – and above all, safest results from it. Here at Base Concrete we have an extensive knowledge in what concrete mixes suit what – so read on for a rundown of some of our most popular mixes.

–    Gen 1 Mix: A basic foundation mixture that is commonly used in footings with a minimum cement content of 175kg/pm3.
–    Gen 3 Mix: Also used for foundations, this mix is suited to floors, bases for sheds and various paths. (Minimum cement content of 220kg/pm3).
–    P300 Mix: Recommended for use in areas that need to hold substantial weight such as driveways and garage floors. (Minimum cement content of 330kg/m).
–    FND2 Class2: If the concrete you will be using may come into contact with a sulphate soil or is being laid on clay, this is the mixture you will need as it is sulphate resistant and is also able to be further reinforced with adding fibres.
–    C40 Mix: A stronger mix of cement that is perfect for agricultural use in farmyards or stables. (Minimum cement content of 340ky/m).
–    Floor Screed: We also supply high quality floor screed that are great for setting a smooth foundation and can even be laid over pipes and under floor radiant heating.

The above is just a selection of the concrete St. Albans we can supply you with, and if you are still unsure, a member of our team will be happy to discuss your requirements and direct you towards the suitable mix. After making you choice, we can deliver it to you and even offer a concrete pumping service for no mess, less effort and saved time.

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