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Concrete Pumps

Concrete Pumps are becoming increasingly popular as they speed up the project and also save on labour costs and time of having to move the concrete manually.

Types of Concrete Pumps

Concrete Line Pumps

Our concrete line pumps entail running the pipes along the ground using steel and rubber pipes. These are very popular as they are mounted on 7.5 tonne lorries so they aren’t very big but can run up to 100 metres plus in length.

They only carry 60 metre’s of line each so if your job is longer we will carry out a site visit to assess how much pipe is needed. These pumps can go through houses up alley ways or even can be erected vertically when connecting to scaffolding.

Boom Pumps

We also have a 24m Boom Pump, this type of pump has a crane arm that can be elevated to reach over and round place. These types of pump are great for pouring walls or over walls, bases and pumping up to the first floors of buildings.

Boom Pumps can be extremely useful in harder to reach areas due to the elevation aspect, allowing the pump to pass obstructions other pumps may not be able to get by.

All our pumps always aim to leave your site as clean as possible, with very little waste if any at all.

base concrete truck
base concrete vehicle

We have concrete line pumps which run pipe line along the ground, these lorries can carry pipelines of up to 50 metre’s per  lorry, we can pump further than that but we will need to asses the job and get more pipeline delivered to the site. We also have a 24 metre boom pump, this pump has a crane arm that will reach about 22 metres, these are ideal for pouring walls or floors because the crane will elevate the pipe, which makes the Boom Pump easier to move around on site.

The process that they use is to make you aware of how much concrete is in the line that they have laid out, we make sure that we stop pumping when there is just enough room left in your site to take what is left in our hopper and the pipeline. When the hopper is almost empty, the operator will blow a ball by air pressure through the pipeline into your site so as to push all of the concrete into the site. After this there will be about 2 wheelbarrow’s left in the hopper that can be wheeled into your site so there is almost no waste or mess at all. For more information feel free to get in touch via our Contact Page or phone us on 01442 389105 for a quote.

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    Concrete Pumps

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