Base Concrete truck

Concrete Pumps

Pumps are becoming increasingly popular as they speed up the projects plus also save on labour cost of having to move the concrete manually

Our concrete pumps are line pumps, this means that they run along the ground using steel and rubber pipes.

These are very popular as they are mounted on 7.5 tonne lorries so they aren’t very big but can run upto 100m in length

Each lorry carries 60m of pipe so if you do need more than that please let us know before we arrive as we wouldn’t want to arrive with not enough pipe.

These pumps can go through houses up alley ways or even can be erected vertically when connected to scaffolding.

Our pumps always aim to leave your site as clean as possible, with very little waste if any at all.

The process that they use is to make you aware of how much concrete is in the line that they have laid out, we make sure that we stop pumping when there is just enough room left in your site to take what is left in our hopper and the pipeline, when the hopper is almost empty, the operator will blow a ball by airpressure through the pipeline into your site so as to push all of the concrete into the site after this there will be about 2 wheelbarrow’s left in the hopper that can be wheeled into your site so there is almost no waste or mess at all.