17 Jan

Concrete Mix Specifications Dunstable

From Dundee to Dülmen, Germany, there are thousands of buildings and structures which have been constructed using one form of concrete or another. It may not be the most attractive material to start with, but due to its versatility and strength, it makes the ideal construction tool – whether you’re laying a new garage floor, or building the foundations for a new house in the country. Here at Base Concrete, we appreciate that for every project there’s a concrete mix Dunstable which is ideal for the job, which is why we provide a large range, whatever your needs.

When building a house, you wouldn’t necessarily use breeze blocks as the main wall, instead you would be better off using a brick which is able to withstand the elements. With concrete, it is the same principal.

Through our experience in the construction industry, here at Base Concrete we know which concrete mix Dunstable is suitable for which job and our team are always available to offer you their honest and professional advice where needed.

If it’s the foundations of a property you’re laying, we’d recommend using a mix which has a cement content of 175 kg / pm3 as a minimum, such as the Gen 1 Mix. However, if it’s a new driveway or public car park that you’ll be laying, then the C30 mix is better.

Here at Base Concrete, it isn’t just a range of concrete mixes and floor screed that we’re able to provide. We also provide a range of concrete supplies to make the job run that little bit smoother.

Whatever your concrete construction needs and requirements, when it comes to concrete mix Dunstable and any supplies that you’ll require to make sure that you get the best use out of your concrete from construction to years later, here at Base Concrete we are able to provide.

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