24 Nov

Why a concrete garage is a no brainer to keep your vehicles safe: Don’t be a brickhead


Many garages built before the 80s are made from brick and commonly contain harmful asbestos insulation, also known as the silent killer. These garages let in drafts, deteriorate in bad weather and have a flimsy construction that won’t last. If you’ve been landed with one of these eye-sores, you shouldn’t have to put up with it. Replacing your garage with a much more durable concrete one is a lot easier than you’d think. Here are just some of the benefits you can enjoy with a garage created with robust concrete.

Overall amazing durability


If you’re looking for even more durability in your concrete, there are mixes available that incorporate acrylic hair fibres that offer much stronger bonding. Concrete has fire retardant properties. There is no risk of accidental fires spreading outside of the garage and causing damage to your home.

concrete garages with bike


What makes all of this a plus for the consumer is that it’s all readily available to them for domestic use. This amazing strength isn’t reserved exclusively for big commercial buildings. With a bit of planning, you can have a high-quality cement garage in no time.


Weather-proof properties


For serious protection against damage, break-ins and theft you want a garage that restricts access effectively that won’t break easily.


Concrete is one of the most durable materials available for construction – keeping itself well protected against all kinds of wear and tear. High-quality concrete mix, treated with a weatherproof coating, can keep rainwater from seeping into your garage interior and greatly reduce the risk of damp.

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Pores can be created in cement by altering the ratio of cement and water when mixing to create a denser construction. With an admixture, you can apply additional concrete to fill those pores and create truly robust and watertight walls.


Airtight seal


Building a concrete garage could end up costing you less in energy bills when winter comes around. You can fit air conditioning or heaters in the garage, but you won’t need to use them too liberally. Hot and cold air won’t escape the interior or make its way into the garage from the outside


Concrete walls are strong and thick enough to keep all kinds of drafts from getting in, acting as a great form of insulation for your garage interior. This also works well to deter moisture from entering the garage and potentially causing damp.


This type of insulation is available to you without the risk of contracting a terminal form of lung cancer.


Affordable, high-quality building material


For all commercial and domestic builds, concrete is one of the most reliable materials readily available to you. Concrete offers superior strength over brick and timber frame types of garages, with amazing weather-proof and fire retardant properties, plus an airtight seal that helps you cut down on energy bills.


Base Concrete is your best choice in ready mixed concrete and delivery services that can supply you with a high-quality product to help you get started constructing your brand new garage. Visit our domestic concrete page for more information, or contact us by phone or email for a free quote.

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