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Concrete Pumping: 5 Useful Applications

5 practical applications of concrete pumping

Concrete pumping is the backbone of construction, akin to the steady flow of a river shaping the landscape. You might be surprised to learn the diverse range of applications this technology offers beyond the traditional pouring methods. From laying solid foundations to reaching towering heights in high-rise projects, the versatility of concrete pumping knows no […]

Ready Mix Vs Concrete – 5 Surprising Differences

ready mix vs concrete

When it comes to construction materials, the terms ‘concrete’ and ‘ready mix’ are often used interchangeably, but there are key distinctions you should be aware of. The differences lie not just in their names but also in the way they are prepared and utilized in various projects. Understanding these variances can significantly impact the success […]

Concrete Pump Rental – 5 Important Things To Consider

concrete pump

When it comes to choosing a concrete pump trailer rental, navigating the options can seem like traversing a complex construction site. But fear not, as there are key strategies that can steer you towards a successful rental decision. From determining your project’s specific needs to ensuring safety compliance, each step plays a crucial role in […]

What Is the Delivery Process for the Ready Mix Concrete?

ready mix concrete delivery

Imagine, if you will, the journey of ready mix concrete, a seemingly mundane voyage that’s more thrilling than your morning commute. You’ve placed your order, and now, the magic begins.   From the precise art of batching and mixing to the meticulous quality assurance testing, each step is a testament to the dance between man […]

What Are the Benefits of Using a Concrete Ready Mix?

Concrete Ready Mix

Let’s pretend for a moment that you enjoy mixing concrete by hand, much like a baker relishes the act of kneading dough—only with less tasty results and more physical strain.   When you switch to using a concrete ready mix, you’re not just sparing your back; you’re stepping into a world of enhanced efficiency, consistent […]

Is It Cheaper to Mix Your Own Concrete or Have It Delivered?

concrete mix

In the grand scheme of DIY projects, deciding whether to mix your own concrete or have it delivered is akin to choosing between learning Latin and deciphering hieroglyphics—both paths lead to hard work and a touch of mystique.   You’re standing at a crossroads, armed with a calculator in one hand and a shovel in […]

Let Base Concrete Help This New Year

Base Concrete

With the New Year well and truly underway, if you work in the construction industry then your thoughts will already be turned to what 2013 has in store. With a whole host of new projects in the pipeline, the last thing you need is any complications. Luckily, Base Concrete are here to ensure that your concrete and […]