31 Jan

How To Lay A Concrete Base

Follow these steps for the best DIY project If you are going to be laying a concrete floor for a DIY project it is important that careful preparation is...

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28 Nov

Top 5 Tips For Building The Perfect Concrete Driveway

Creating that perfect concrete driveway requires a great deal of heavy labour and careful planning but if done correctly can provide many years of service. Concrete driveways can be...

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27 Jul

How to Transform Your Concrete Patio Garden Space

Now that summer is here you might find yourself spending a lot more time outside in your back garden, and if you happen to have a concrete patio, we...

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13 Jan

Mixing Concrete: The DIY Guide | The perfect mixing ratio, preparing concrete and the tools you can use

Most people can become a little confused when working out how to create a perfect concrete mix for the job in hand. Getting the correct ratio for concrete mixing...

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