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When undertaking commercial construction work or personal DIY tasks it is essential that your concrete mix Hemel Hempstead is delivered promptly and accurately. To cut costs, it is ideal if you can calculate the exact amount of concrete required to complete the project, to ensure you are not paying over the top-for-materials that you won’t be using. Using the unique online calculator on Base Concrete’s website, users are able to uncover exactly how much concrete they require for their job. By multiplying the length, width and depth of concrete needed, a final metre cubed figure will highlight the volume required.

At Base Concrete we run smaller trucks than most of our competitors, which are ideal for sites with tight access or when you need lower quantities of concrete mix. This versatility is crucial when looking for a concrete mix provider – being able to deal with small requirements as well as significant undertakings are the hallmarks of a quality operator. Our lorries are the same size as a six-yard skip lorry with load sizes starting at 0.5 metres cubed, with larger vehicles capable of transporting volumes of up to eight metres cubed.

Our concrete mixes are available in volumes of 175kg per metre cubed up to 340kg per metre, depending on your requirements. The lighter mixes are suitable for foundations and flooring, as well as shed bases or paths, with the more heavy-duty mixes perfect for large-scale undertakings such as driveways, garage floors and agricultural use.

Reputable firms, like the team here at Base Concrete, are able to offer associated concrete mix Hemel Hempstead services, such as floor screeds and concrete pumping. This eliminates the need for labour-intensive concrete moving in wheelbarrows etc., which is time-consuming and often back-breaking work.  Look for the whole package when contracting a concrete supplier to ensure the foundations laid for your next project are solid.