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12 Dec

What is Floor Screed?

Using floor screed is the best way to achieve a smooth, flat and durable surface. Ensuring that the right mix is chosen for your requirements is paramount.

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23 Nov

Ready Mix Concrete Ingredients

By understanding the ingredients of ready mix concrete, you can find the perfect mix for your building project. Base Concrete explain more in this new post.

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15 Sep

The Difference Between Screed and Concrete

If you do not know the difference between floor screed and concrete, then check out this latest post from Base Concrete as it explains their many variances.

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15 Aug

The History of Readymixed Concrete

Have you ever wondered where readymixed concrete originated from? Read this new informative post from the experts at Base Concrete to find out the facts.

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16 May

Benefits of Pumping Concrete

There are a whole range of benefits to pumping concrete, and this latest post from Base Concrete delves into the advantages which their services provide.

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12 Apr

Readymix Concrete Uses in Luton

Concrete is one of the materials which is regularly used within the construction trade. Here Base Concrete look at the uses for readymix concrete in Luton.

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15 Mar

Restricted Access Concrete Pumps Hemel Hempstead

Re-lay your drive or forecourt with minimal disruption. This article looks at a reputable construction professional that uses their wealth of experience to lay concrete.

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14 Feb

Concrete Mix Calculations Aylesbury

If you get your calculations wrong then your whole project could be in jeopardy. This post advices on how to order the right amount of concrete for the job....

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17 Jan

Concrete Mix Specifications Dunstable

Concrete is a vital material within the construction industry and this post from Base Concrete explores the concrete mixes that they are able to supply.

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13 Dec

FND2 Class 2: Sulphate Resistant Concrete in Welwyn

For complete success when laying foundations, make sure you know your concrete classes. This article describes FND2 Class 2 concrete in useful detail.

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