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14 Feb

Concrete Mix Calculations Aylesbury

If you get your calculations wrong then your whole project could be in jeopardy. This post advices on how to order the right amount of concrete for the job....

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17 Jan

Concrete Mix Specifications Dunstable

Concrete is a vital material within the construction industry and this post from Base Concrete explores the concrete mixes that they are able to supply.

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13 Dec

FND2 Class 2: Sulphate Resistant Concrete in Welwyn

For complete success when laying foundations, make sure you know your concrete classes. This article describes FND2 Class 2 concrete in useful detail.

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02 Nov

Ready Mix Concrete Companies Hemel Hempstead

When looking to complete a building job, you want to make sure that you have the right mixture of concrete, as this article from Base Concrete explains.

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04 Aug

Cheap Ready Mix Concrete in Dunstable

Choosing to use ready mixed concrete rather than mixing your own makes sense in many situations. This article explains how companies can save time and money in this way....

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07 Jul

Concrete Pumping Service Hemel Hempstead

Base Concrete discuss the vast number of benefits that their concrete pumping service has to offer, including increased efficiency.

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07 Jun

Calculate Concrete Mix Hemel Hempstead

Base Concrete explain how using the calculator on their website, clients can calculate the exact quantities of concrete mix that they will require to complete their project.

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10 May

Types Of Ready Mix Concrete Watford

This latest news post from Base Concrete discusses the types of ready mix concrete they supply for those that are completing projects within the Watford areas.

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