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30 May

Moon Rocks into Concrete!

Concrete forms the basis of the vast majority of modern construction. It’s strong, versatile, and hard wearing, making it a perfect building material for both commercial and domestic use....

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28 Apr

Everything You Need to Know About Concrete

Are you in the process of working on a project for your home or office that involves using concrete? Are you just curious about concrete and what concrete is...

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30 Mar

3D Building a House Using Concrete: Built in 24 Hours!

Anyone that has ever purchased a new-build property will know of the frustration, costs, delays, and problems that can all mark the purchasing experience. Buying a new build property...

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23 Feb

Everything you need to know about concrete pumps

Concrete pumps are now the most popular method of transferring liquid concrete and are a common fixture on building sites now. The birth of the concrete pump has increased the...

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13 Jan

Mixing Concrete: The DIY Guide | The perfect mixing ratio, preparing concrete and the tools you can use

Most people can become a little confused when working out how to create a perfect concrete mix for the job in hand. Getting the correct ratio for concrete mixing...

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24 Nov

Why a concrete garage is a no brainer to keep your vehicles safe: Don’t be a brickhead

  Many garages built before the 80s are made from brick and commonly contain harmful asbestos insulation, also known as the silent killer. These garages let in drafts, deteriorate...

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30 Aug

How Do Concrete Pumps Work?

This latest post explores how a concrete pump functions and the benefits that using one and our service can bring to your project, no matter what it is.

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10 Jun

Supplying Quality Ready Mixed Concrete & Screed

We are proud to offer such a range of concrete and screed products that are suitable for a whole range of projects. Read on to find out more information.

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02 May

The Need For Quality Floor Screed

Having trust in a quality concrete and floor screed supplier can make all the difference. Be Sure to read on to find out how we can help you and...

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31 Mar

How Can A Concrete Pump Enhance Your Projects?

Unsure as to how concrete pumping can help you builds? Read on to find out just why our services are the best around and can only enhance your projects.

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