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30 Aug

How to Level a Concrete Floor

Whenever you want to lay great tiles over a concrete floor that’s rather unsightly, you definitely need to ensure that the surface is properly levelled if you are to...

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29 Jul

How to Polish Concrete

As with all other specialized techniques, to be able to polish concrete properly, you need to go through a step by step process. You’ll also need proper equipment and...

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29 Jun

How sustainable is concrete?

The question of sustainability of concrete is one that has been asked a number of times among homeowners, builders and even the concrete companies. As a result, some research...

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31 May

Creative Ideas For Concrete In Your Garden

A garden is that part of your home where you can relax and read your favourite book, have outdoor meals with your family and friends, do your morning exercises,...

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27 Apr

Most impressive Concrete structures around the world

By far, concrete has been the number one building material. Its use has been seen for centuries where it’s used for building structures such as dams, statues, and landmarks...

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29 Mar

Different types of concrete grades and their uses

Whether you are looking for the right domestic or commercial concrete mix for your construction job, or are just curious about the different grades of concrete and would like...

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28 Feb

5 top concrete facts

At Base Concrete, we deliver our concrete to you so you can use it when & where you need, but we also like to research our business and look...

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26 Jan

The difference between Concrete & Screed

So everyone has probably heard of concrete but have you ever heard of screed? To most, these two materials could be one and the same but there are some...

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15 Dec

Top 5 tips for maintaining your concrete driveway

Concrete is the building material many of our driveways are made from. It’s long lasting and is very efficient. However, it is down to you and me to ensure...

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28 Nov

Top 5 Tips For Building The Perfect Concrete Driveway

Creating that perfect concrete driveway requires a great deal of heavy labour and careful planning but if done correctly can provide many years of service. Concrete driveways can be...

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