16 May

Benefits of Pumping Concrete

As the economic environment within the UK begins to stabilise, the construction trade is slowly beginning to pick up and new builds are being built in many towns and cities throughout the country. One material that all these construction sites will require, both for the foundations of buildings and during various stages of the build is that of concrete. Unfortunately as anyone who works within the building industry will be able to testify, the mixing and movement of large quantities of concrete can be a time consuming and back breaking job. This is where the concrete pumps Luton supplied by our team at Base Concrete can come in handy.

Our team have been providing a range of concrete services to various domestic and commercial customers throughout the Luton and Hemel Hempstead area, and through our experience within the industry – along with the feedback we’ve received from our previous clients – we’ve found that concrete pumps can provide many benefits to construction jobs of all shapes and sizes.

Saves Time:

With the assistance of a concrete pump, the time spent on site waiting for concrete to be mixed and arrive in its required location can dramatically decrease. There’s no need for all personnel to be drafted in to transport the concrete from the drop off/mixing area, through to the area of the site it’s required; instead a pump can take the product directly there.

Time is also saved as there’s less of the site to prepare to ensure that concrete vehicles can get to the desired location.


As there’s no need for everyone to pick up a wheelbarrow and shovel to get the concrete to the desired location, as the concrete is being pumped your staff can be carrying out other jobs to ensure that the build is completed on time and within budget.

Here at Base Concrete, we’re able to provide concrete pumps Luton which carry seventy-metres of line, making them ideal for sites of any size. If you’d like to take advantage of our concrete pumps or any of our other concrete services, contact us via 01442 389 105.

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