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Benefits of volumetric concrete services

volumetric concrete mixer is divided into three main types: portable, trailer-mounted and local mobile mixers. If you need to move a mobile concrete mixer on the construction site daily, your choice is a lightweight mobile mixer. You can find a lightweight mixer with knobs and wheels. A large cargo mixer, on the other hand, is able to move through the entire city, from one place of work to another.

A typical mobile concrete mixer contains a rotating drum with a set of blades that mix the ingredients of concrete. This type of concrete mixer is recommended for small jobs. In fact, concrete plants will be the best choice for large volumes of concrete, but trolleys are needed to transport concrete through the construction site. A typical mobile concrete mixer is ideal for projects where concrete is required in more than one place but in the same area. A concrete mixer can be moved around the work site without any difficulty. The mobile concrete mixer is usually used for the manufacture of sidewalks and other small projects that require concrete in several places.

The principle of operation of a volumetric concrete mixer is very simple. Place the concrete mixer on a flat surface and make sure that you have all the necessary ingredients for making concrete. Start pouring cement and at the same time add water. After all the ingredients are inside the drum, begin the mixing process by turning on the mixer. When the concrete is ready, pour the concrete in the places you need it. However, notice how the mixer works. If the engine temperature is too high during the mixing process, it is recommended that the machine is stopped for a while and wait until it cools down.

The main advantages of volumetric concrete mixers are smooth workflow, mixing quality, convenient control and high performance. In combination with the feeder, it can be used on common construction sites, roads, etc. Another advantage of the concrete mixer lies in its efficiency. It is not expensive and time-consuming to set up and can do the same job as an auto concrete mixer.


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Purpose of the concrete mixer

A concrete mixer is a piece of construction equipment designed to mix various building materials: cement, adhesives, water, sand, etc. As a result of the mixing of concrete in a concrete mixer, concrete is formed – a special construction material widely used both in the construction of buildings and during repairs.

Only with the help of a concrete mixer can a very large amount of concrete be prepared, which is completely unthinkable when manually kneading with the help of available materials.

In addition, the continuous mixing process allows you to maintain the composition in the desired state for a long time, not allowing the concrete to harden prematurely. In the manufacture of concrete in the concrete mixer, the proportions of pledged materials must strictly comply with the standards.

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