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Based in Hemel Hempstead, we are a family-run concrete company supplying top quality concrete and cement to the Hemel Hempstead area. We provide concrete services for both trade and domestic DIY purposes, with quick and cost effective concrete solutions for any job, big or small.

Offering bespoke concrete services, we provide a range of mixes alongside ready-mix concrete. These include the following commercial mixes:

  • – Gen1 (C15) is a basic foundation mix for single story extensions and wall footings and conservatories
  • – Gen3 (C20) is a concrete foundation mix also which is used for double story extensions and also internal floor mix and shed base’s
  • – C25: Also concrete foundation and garage base etc.
  • – C30: Also foundation ,floors and concrete garage base etc
  • – C35: This concrete mix can be used for raft foundation and floors etc.
  • – C40: This cement mix also is used for ring beams.
  • – FND2 Class 2, is a sulphate resistant mix for sulphate soils and clay.
  • – Pav1 for external use driveways and paths (including AEA frost prevention)
  • – Pav2 heavy duty cement mix for external use in commercial yards ( including AEA frost prevention)
  • – RC mixes are often used with reinforced steel and so is designed to minimise the risk of corrosion to the steel by using the minimum cement content.
  • – Waterproof concrete mainly used in construction of basements (these cement mixes also come with a guarantee).


To these domestic mixes:


  • – Gen1 (C15) is a basic concrete foundation mix for single story extensions and wall footings and conservatories.
  • – Gen3 (C20) is a cement foundation mix also which is used for double story extensions as well as internal floor mix and shed base’s.
  • – C35: This cement mix is a strong mix used for ringbeams and driveways.
  • – C40: This concrete is also used for rafts and ringbeams for foundations.
  • – FND2 class 2, is a sulphate mix with high cement content for use on clay and sulphate soils were specified.
  • – Pav 1 for external use driveways and paths etc (including AEA frost prevention).

Note: The C mixes denote the newton strength of the mix; the higher the number the more cement content (eg. C35 is stronger than C20)

Located in Felden just to the west of Hemel Hempstead, near the Hemel Hempstead Rail station just off the A41, our concrete pumps and trucks have easy access to the surrounding areas such as Tring, Amersham and Kings Langley.

In each of our locations, including our Hemel Hempstead base, we pride ourselves in offering a service tailored to suit each customers’ cement need. So, if you are looking for a new concrete supplier or need a one-off provision of cement for a project, speak to one of our friendly team members today and see what we can do for you. We look forward to your call!

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