30 Mar

3D Building a House Using Concrete: Built in 24 Hours!

Anyone that has ever purchased a new-build property will know of the frustration, costs, delays, and problems that can all mark the purchasing experience. Buying a new build property is not only very expensive but with builders often taking their time and a variety of issues arising, the delays can be lengthy, and all of this means inconvenience, time and money for the purchaser.

3d printed concrete house

(Image: Apis Cor)

However, it seems that as we move more and more into the digital era, this type of problem could become a thing of the past. In fact, advanced technology could result in more people having access to their own property through reduced costs and these frustrating delays and issues could become a thing of the past. How? Welcome to the world of 3D printing.

The amazing 24-hour house


The amazing capabilities of 3D printing technology were demonstrated on a freezing December day in 2016 in a town close to Moscow in Russia. An innovative start-up company along with a Russian developer managed to 3D print a house using concrete in just 24 hours. The start-up company, Apis Cor, along with the developer, PIK, worked together to create this amazing structure with the help of advanced 3D printing technology, and in just 24 hours a 400 square foot home had been created. All that had to be done was for human labourers to add the finishing touches to the concrete structure, such as the roof, insulation, and windows (and a lick of paint), and the project was complete.

Flexible Concrete Pumps; Cost-Effective Solution

The innovative concrete property is a single storey and comes in a circular structure. A spokesperson for the start-up company said that they were keen to demonstrate how diverse and flexible the 3D concrete pumps were and that structures could take any shape including traditional square forms. It is not just the speed at which the structure was created that has impressed the world, but also the cost. As we know, purchasing a new-build property or even an existing property can cost a fortune. However, the total cost of creating the 3D printed house was just $10,134, which included materials, labour and even the furniture and appliances.


Pimp my concrete house

This house of the future naturally comes with high tech appliances, with a kitchen that is decked out with the latest Samsung technology and a washing machine that can be operated remotely. The single storey house consists of a hallway, living room, bathroom, and fully equipped kitchen. There is even a giant curved Samsung TV installed, which handily (and beautifully) fits in with the curved design of the house.


Even more benefits

Those involved in the project said that in addition to costs and speed, there was another key benefit to using the giant 3D concrete printer to create the property. This was the elimination of human error, with the advanced technology resulting in greater precision and a far reduced risk of problems in terms of the construction of the property.


The future of concrete in building

With this project having proven just how quick and simple the creation of a structure can be with the right technology, many believe that 3D printing could be the future of the house-building industry. Meanwhile, this shows the diverse ways of using concrete in building work, and how combined with innovative techniques, concrete constructions could be the future of modern constructions. It’s an exciting digital world that we live in!


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