Concrete patio

Domestic Concrete

These are our most common mixes which will probably cover all your needs

Any mix you don’t see, don’t hesitate to call us as we can supply any mix you need

The C mixes are letting you know the newton strength of the mix so the higher the number the more cement content

Ex C35 is stronger than C20

  1. Gen1 (C15) is a basic foundation mix for single story extensions and wall footings and conservatories.
  2. Gen3 (C20) is a foundation mix also which is used for double story extensions and also internal floor mix and shed base’s.
  3. C35: This mix is a strong mix used for ringbeams and driveways.
  4. C40: This is also used for rafts and ringbeams for foundations.
  5. FND2 class 2, is a sulphate mix with high cement content for use on clay and sulphate soils were specified.
  6. Pav 1 for external use driveways and paths etc (including AEA frost prevention).

Fibres can be added to these mixes for extra strength on request (acrylic hair fibres mix right through the concrete for extra bonding)