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Concrete Mixes

Ready Mix Concrete

We can supply any type of ready mix concrete or floor screed that you specify and if you require a concrete pumping service, see our concrete pump section.
Concrete Supplies

Ready Mixed Concrete & Screeds

Here are some of our most commonly sold concrete supplies. These include ready mixed concrete and screeds mixes, including ready mix concretes. Don’t worry if you don’t see your specified concrete mix below, just give us a call and we will be happy to talk it through with you.

Gen 1 Mix:
This is a basic foundation mix used in footings with a minimum cement content of 175kg/pm3

Gen 3 Mix:

This is also used for foundations and floors, shed bases or paths with a minimum cement content of 220kg/pm3

P300 Mix:

With a minimum cement content of 300kg/m this cement mix is recommended for use with driveways, garage floors, etc.


This is a sulphate resistant concrete, for when you have sulphate soils or are laying on clay, minimum cement content 330kg/pm3.

We can also add fibres to any mix to reinforce the concrete, these are acrylic hair like fibres that mix in with the concrete to give extra bonding.


This is recommended for driveways and garage floors with minimum cement content of 275kg/pm3.

C35 Mix

This mix is recommended for drives or roadways for heavy vehicles, plus also recommended for agricultural use in stables and barns as animals urine can weaken concrete over time, minimum cement content 300 kg/pm3

C40 Mix

A stronger mix with a minimum cement content of 340kg/m, recommended for agricultural use in farmyards and stable yards

Floor Screed

The most commonly sold floor screeds are a1-4 mix (mix ratio:1 cem to 4 sand, minimum cement content 350kg/pm3). This comes with a 10 hour retardant as standard, slowing the setting of the screed to give you more time to lay.
Fibres can also be added to screed for when reinforcement is needed.

Need a concrete pump?

If you need a concrete pump, then simply let us know. With prior notice, we can arrange to deliver a concrete pump with your mini mix concrete, ready mixed concrete or floor screed.

We deliver within a 15 mile radius from our base in Hemel Hempstead. For more information concrete supplies in your area, including ready mix concrete, please contact us today on 020 8528 3008.