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Established in 2002, we pride ourselves on offering an unrivalled customer service from start to finish.

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  • Trade or D.I.Y. customers welcome
  • Mini Mix lorries for Tight Access
  • Quality assured concrete & ready mix concrete
  • Concrete Pumps supplied if necessary
  • Competitive prices on concrete
  • Small site deliveries catered for
  • Reliable service for concrete delivery

Where do we cover ?

Welcome to Base Concrete

Here at Base Concrete, we specialise in ready-mixed concrete for commercial and DIY customers alike. Through several tweaks in our functioning, we have streamlined our workflow to provide you with the most hassle-free experience out there. This has helped us in garnering a reputation second to none. From highest quality concrete to its efficient supply at the construction site, trust us to simply deliver!
Each of the mixes that we supply come from a QSRMC accredited plant and conform to British Standard BS8500-2. This means that for every 50-100m of concrete that is produced, a cube sample (a small cube shaped box full of concrete) is taken to a lab and crush-tested to see if it stands up to the Newton force that the mix is supposed to. E.g. a C35 Concrete sample, has to withstand 35 Newton of force. We provide concrete with specific levels of cement in North London, Watford, and several other nearby cities.

We have All the Concrete Mixes that You Might Need! Every. Single. Type.

The names of the C mixes let you know the Newton-strength of the mix, so, the higher the number, the more cement content it has. Check out below to have a better idea of just some of the concrete mixes that we provide, and the specific use-case scenarios, be it a DIY or a commercial customer needing specific levels of cement in North London, Stevenage, Hemel Hempstead, Watford, or Welwyn.

  1. Gen1 (C15) is a basic foundation mix for single story extensions, wall footings, and conservatories.
  2. Gen3 (C20) is a foundation mix as well, and is used for double story extensions and also internal floor mix and shed bases.
  3. C35 mix has the trait of strength, and is used for ring beams and driveways.
  4. C40 is used for rafts, and ring beams for foundations.
  5. FND2 class 2, is a sulphate mix with high cement content for use on clay and sulphate soils wherever specified.
  6. Pav 1 for external use driveways and paths etc (including AEA frost prevention).
  7. Pav2 is a heavy duty mix for external use in commercial yards (including AEA frost prevention).
  8. Farm Pave used for agricultural stable and barn bases, a very strong mix with fibres included as animal urin can weaken the concrete.

The above is just a glimpse! We also have an expertise in providing Commercial Concrete Mixes and several other variations with different strengths.

For instance, RC mixes are often used with reinforced steel and are designed to minimise the risk of corrosion to the steel by using minimum cement content. We are the experts, and there are several such tricks up our sleeve.
Just to clarify, there are numerous mixes of concrete and we can deliver whichever mix you need, period. Just get in touch with our staff, and they will help you along the way to assess and determine the exact amount of concrete that you need. Call us today to choose high strength concrete with the perfect amount of cement in St Albans, Hemel Hempstead, and North London for trade and DIY customers, at Base Concrete.

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